Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mom Rowell is 92 Today

My mother-in-law is a good woman, full of the Holy Spirit and faith—like Barnabas, an encourager. I am so proud of her and so happy to call her Mom. She is smart, too! She does the crossword puzzles in the newspaper and gets every answer. She knows more about geography than anyone else I know. You cannot fool her on a question about where places are located—capital cities, or obscure countries. I am sure that if we could get her on the show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?—She could prove that she is smarter. But she is quiet—she never needs to prove to anyone that she knows something. She lets others feel good about themselves. She is a great listener.

I love a story that D’Ann tells about Mom. D’Ann says that when she was first married, she would sometimes complain to Mom about her husband, Paul. Mom would quietly listen and then her response would be a simple, “I see.”

The Rowells love to find a good birthday card that says just what they want to say. Then they underline words to emphasize them. Three underlines under the same word means that you really agree. Judy’s card gets the gold star for today. She found one that best describes Mom. I will spare you some of the underlines that I would do on this card for Mom. There would be a lot of triple underlines! Here is what it said:

Mom, You’re a blessing to our family!

How blessed are those who have a faithful mother
Who prays for them and loves the Lord so much.
She is her children’s source of inspiration.
Within her life, they see God’s loving touch.

Her goodness is a blessing to her family.
Her actions are compassionate and wise.
They hear God’s voice in all her words of kindness.
They see His love reflected in her eyes.

She teaches—not by sermon—but example,
To choose those things which have eternal worth.
Through all her caring ways she shows her family
A little piece of heaven here on earth.

God bless you, Mom! I love you very much!

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