Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bridal Shower with Shopping Theme--Priceless

This is Debbie, Judy, Bev, Krista, Margit, Emily
(No, I am not in the picture)

Krista is getting married tomorrow. Some friends and I planned a shower for Krista with a shopping theme. (Because she told us that it was one of her favorite activities.)

We found really cute brown and pink purse invitations at Party City which also were the colors that we had decided to use at the shower.

For decorations, Beth Thomson arranged a flower centerpiece in three purses.

On the food table and around the house, we had little signs that said things like: Sale, Buy One Get One Free, Priced to Go, etc.

For the game, we played Price is Right. I got pictures of items from 6 different stores. Some I was able to take with my camera and some of the pictures I took off of the internet. From Toys R Us, I chose items that Krista probably played with as a little girl such as a Barbie doll and My Little Pony. From Dick’s Sporting Goods, I chose mostly softball items. From Wheaton College bookstore, I got items that related to Krista’s education and occupation. From Victoria’s Secret, I got some cute sexy items. (Krista could keep most of the items in this bag as most of them were not pictures.) From Kohl’s, I got items that Krista might take on her honeymoon. And from Home Depot, I got items that Krista and Ryan might need while moving in to their new home. I made a receipt for the packages for each shower guest to fill in their guess on the packages as each package was opened. While they were deciding on their answer, Krista had to answer a few questions. With the Toys R Us bag, she answered questions about her childhood and growing up. As the Dick’s bag was opened, the questions were about her hobbies and interests. As the Wheaton College bag was opened, she answered questions about college and her job. When the Victoria Secret’s bag was opened, the questions were about how she and Ryan met, their first date, first kiss, proposal and engagement. When the Kohl’s bag was opened, she was asked about her honeymoon. And finally when the Home Depot bag was opened, she was asked about their home, color scheme and future plans.

We had six prizes—one for each bag that were $5 gift certificates to places like Starbuck’s, Barnes and Nobles, Jamba Juice, etc. The shower guest who got closest to the cost of the items in the bags without going over won that round.

The party favors were American Express Card chocolate candy bars. We tied a little bow around the bars and put a tag on them that said, Priceless, Krista and Ryan, October 19, 2007. (I know—Priceless goes with another credit card company but we had American Express candy bars.)

Margit did a devotional on God’s priceless gifts to us and made it specific for Krista and Ryan. My desire is that Krista and Ryan will have a long, happy life together and that together they will grow in love for each other and God. Now that is truly priceless.

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
Psalm 36:7

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