Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World’s Apart!

The temperature this morning is a frigid 10 degrees with another dusting of snow—just enough to shovel. We have had quite a winter with record snows. And it has been kind of fun—until today. That is because the past five days, I have tasted spring weather. We have been visiting kids in North Carolina. The days were sunny and beautiful with temperatures of 65-75 degrees. The weather reinforces my thoughts that we live very far away -- in a different world!I am planning my day.
Jacob is just going down for his morning nap.

I just stood in my closet and am bored with all of my clothes.
Ryan is excited about underwear—Thomas or Cars or Bob the Builder—so many choices!

A few days ago, in their world, I was applauding Ryan’s successes, “Wow, that is great! Let me see that cool underwear.” At which time, Ryan proudly stripped them off so we could both get a better look.

Amy hurries to brush her teeth and use the bathroom while Jacob is in the Johnny Jumper. Here, I am relaxing and watching the Today Show.

In my living room, the lines are still in the carpet where Krystyna vacuumed last week. Andy or Amy have already cleaned the floor under the table a few times today and wiped up little faces and hands and the bathroom floor again.

In my world today, I am still under the influence of their world. I am reminded at breakfast, driving to Bible study, on the internet and numerous times during the day. Commercials remind me. Even the dishwasher this morning sounded like a baby monitor.

Ryan and I were absorbed in Thomas the Train. Because of my visit, I know all of the engines names and pretty much about their personalities. More than I ever expected to know. Andy, his daddy, is despairing (just kidding) that Ryan will not become a ball player. Thus far Ryan is more interested in becoming an engineer or a construction worker. He does like to go out for a pass every now and then with daddy but Thomas and Percy and Alfie win out most of the time. Ryan does remind me of his daddy—like in this little conversation that I had with Ryan.

Ryan: “Let’s play James and Edward!”

Me: “Great! Which train should I use?”

Ryan: “But the truth is that actually I don’t have James.”

One day, Ryan could not find Diesel 10 and Diesel. They are the villains in Thomas stories. We looked and looked for them. But the truth is. . .they were in Time Out—being disciplined by Ryan.

Some of Ryan's favorite engines.

Yesterday driving, we were definitely under their influence. Somewhere in Virginia, two black semi trucks were driving aggressively and Bob mentioned it as they were passing us. Guess what we thought? Diesel 10’s, of course! Actually, I thought of engine names several times comparing them to big semis—beautiful blue in a rain shower—like Henry who did not want to get wet. A cute green pick-up truck reminded me of the little Percy engine.

Another time passing a construction area, there was a lot of noise as a machine was breaking up concrete. I said, “Ryan would love this.” Bob responded, “That’s a real Thumper.” Thumper is the Thomas vehicle that breaks ups rocks in the rock quarry. It is one of Grandpa and Ryan’s favorites.

“But the truth is. . .” Ryan and Jacob got into our hearts and mind. Today, I want to be back in their world!

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