Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Lesson that Stuck

In Bible study this morning, Beth [teacher/leader/author/speaker and also a blogger] via the video asked, “Have you ever had a lesson from God that stuck?” She explained that it was something that we might have learned maybe a year ago, 10 years ago, even 20 years ago that stuck. Beth’s lesson was, “Grace is given according to need.”

As she explained how God taught her that lesson, it was hard to keep my mind from wandering a bit because, yes, I knew what she was talking about. First of all, her lesson is also a lesson that God taught me. I remember when, where, and various times that I have been reminded of that same lesson.

Briefly my mind wandered to another lesson that stuck. I thought of a lesson that God taught me a long time ago and it blessed my heart again today.

Dale had died in May and that December, the boys and I went to Florida at Christmastime. It seemed good to do something different. Several of my extended family were also there in Florida. We had a good vacation enjoying the sun and warmth as well as a day at Disneyworld. Several times I told others that I wanted copies of their pictures because I had forgotten a camera. On the way home from Florida, we stopped briefly in Indiana and one of the relatives went to a one hour camera store and got two sets of pictures so that I could take a set home. I glanced through the pictures quickly and was disappointed. I had 48 vacation pictures and the boys and I were only in three of the pictures. We left shortly after that for the four hour trip home. The boys soon fell asleep and I complained to God. I told him that the job he had given me to do was too heavy. It was too hard. I had just been with relatives and even there we were not the focus of anyone’s camera. I and I alone cared and loved my boys. (Yes, of course, I know that is not true. I was just having one of my self-pity moments.) I complained to God for awhile in that manner. Finally I was silent and it was quiet in the car. Then as distinctly as if God had spoken audibly, I heard Him say, “Brenda, I love your sons more than you do.” Whew! What a relief I felt! That quiet steady assuring voice totally lightened my load. I was awed. God had heard me and given me comfort. I savored those words and repeated them over and over in my head. I turned on the radio listened to Christian praise songs the rest of the way home and arrived rejoicing!

Several other times after that and for various reasons I became frightened for the boys. Each time, God comforted my heart as I remembered and reminded God, “I love them so very much and yet I know that You love them more than I do.”

I have been worrying about my sons again this week. Both of them have a similar need. The boys are adults with families of their own but they are still my boys. So when Beth asked the question this morning, I praised God for reminding me once again, “I love your sons more than you love them.” Thank you, Father! I will trust You.

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