Friday, February 8, 2008

Head Over Heels In Love

This week K-Love was having a Valentine Contest. The winning love story will have a song written and recorded by Mark Schultz and debuted on K-LOVE. Nope, I was not tempted to enter. However, it was fun to think about some of our personal favorites. Here is one. . .

When Bob and I were dating, Bob invited me to go on a ServiceMaster trip to Florida. It was all fine and good. I roomed with one of Bob’s assistants. During that time I started doubting whether I should marry Bob. We did several group events outside and one on the beach. Everyone was in shorts and flip flops except my sweet man. Bob wore long dress pants and dress shoes. When I asked Bob about it, he admitted that he did not own any shorts and had never ever worn shorts. Hmmm. That seemed really odd to me. I stewed about that in my mind. I decided that Bob was just too old for me to marry. I did not know any other man—even my father that did not wear shorts in the summer. I simply could not marry someone that did not wear shorts. Bob needed to stay in Florida for work. The fun times were over. As Bob was taking me to the airport to return to Chicago, I told him.

“Bob, I have decided that we cannot see each other anymore.”

“Why is that?”

“Because, I have decided that I cannot marry you.”

“It is my age, isn’t it?”


“I cannot do anything about my age. I do want to marry you but only if you are doing cartwheels for me—absolutely sure. I won’t call you but if you change your mind, call me.”

Not too much time passed and I started stewing things over again. I wondered how I could give Bob up. I did love him. Yes, he was older but I enjoyed him and he loved me. I finally decided that wearing shorts was not a requirement for marriage. I was in love. So I called Bob.

I primped and practiced and when Bob came I was ready. He came to the front door. I invited him in and then yes, I did a cartwheel—not a very good one, mind you—but a cartwheel none the less. The last one that I have ever attempted. Bob recognized what I was doing--bless him. He had spoken figuratively but he understood. It was a very happy time.

A postscript to the story is that I bought Bob some shorts and sandals and he adapted quickly. His children were amazed! They had encouraged him for years to wear shorts! Wow! What a man won’t do for love! And now, in fact he likes them—yep, he wears them all the time in the summer and he likes them a lot.

Me, too!


Nicole said...

Even though I've heard it before, that is such a sweet story! I'm glad you didn't let clothes come between you!

However, I CAN understood reservations about men based on fashion concerns...:)

Donna's Book Nook said...

I don't think I ever heard that story before. Thanks for sharing!