Monday, February 25, 2008

Not All in the Name

We had a reunion meeting this week.

No—It isn’t Rehab
No—it is not Senior Care Center

We are the CC’s.

We needed an accurate name that would convey a positive image and a happy feeling. When we landed on this name more than a few years ago, we were pledged to keep the acronym a secret. The reason for the confidentiality was that we did not want to deal with any mockery from our husbands. I think the statue of limitations has officially passed and we are old enough that it doesn’t matter anymore. Even so, we are not yet at the “say it loud, say it proud” stage--at least not without smiling. Here are some combinations, one could be correct.

Crafty and Chatty
Coffee Cache
Community Chicks
Cheery Chocolateurs
Chic and Cool

We tried marshmallow wars. We might be ready for Wii games next time—except none of us own a Wii.

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