Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beyond “Once Upon a Time. . .”

So here is the situation as I understand it. You can sign up with Christian Fiction Blog Alliance to do book reviews or just post information about new Christian books on your blog. You actually get sent books at no cost, I believe. I think they are sent via snail mail so you actually have a book that you can carry around for car trips or waiting times. I would not want to only have the books on the computer and have to read them in that position. A cozy chair by the fireplace with a real book is more to my liking.

From their website, here are the requirements for reviewers:

  1. An established blog with an active readership.
    It does not say how many readers you have to have so I think the five of you will count.
  2. A love for books
    That is a real weakness for me and since I decided not to teach this semester, this seems like a good time to try reading more.
  3. The desire to promote Christian fiction
    I am not sure if I have a desire to promote Christian fiction. If I love a good book though, I like to pass it on to others.

These next two statements were encouraging to me.

  • You don't need to read every book.
  • You can post just links to the book without writing a review.

So I am inclined to do this or at least try it. What do you think? Are you interested or already doing this? Are there some things that I ought to consider before signing up?

I am reviewing the situation.

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