Monday, December 31, 2007

Thar she blows!

A Merry Christmas Yarn!

Cap'n Kidd or is it Cap'n Hook?

Shiver me timbers!
Look at Sharice! The chase is making full sail.

Sail ho! Andy is plotting his course.

Me proud beauty wishes all, Godspeed!Aye, Aye! This Lad Sam is one of the crew!

Beware, The Black Spot! These mateys are the reason for me finding bullets in my clothing
as I readied for the eve's sleep!

Dogs ahoy!
(Equivalent of "Things to kill, straight ahead.")

Fair Winds! Dawn looks friendly
but she knows how to use her blaster.

Land Ahoy calls Lynn from the Crow's Nest!
Watch out for Old Salt! Thar she blows!
Ahoy me hearties! I am going on the account! Blow me down! This old seadog swaggers.

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