Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not the Von Trapp’s but. . .

It was our 8th annual reenactment of The Christmas Story today. The story is both completely unchanged and yet very different every Christmas. Here are this year’s highlights for me.
Our drama queen, Morgan, playing Mary, does a great job. She is so pretty and sweet and nurturing that it is not hard to imagine her as a young mother and that is a scary thought for all of us.

Kent played a wild-haired Joseph. Joseph could have been quite confused by the whole situation and his restless sleep probably caused his hair to be a bit unkempt. Kent’s sense of humor makes all of us smile!

The sweetest of all shepherds was Seamus. Just look at that face as he worshipped the baby. I think that is how the shepherds truly looked. Watching him, reminded me that that is why we are told to become like a child.

Steven buddying up with Seamus to let him think that being a shepherd was a big kid’s role. That was just too dear.

Jessica, tired of playing the girl’s roles became a very fierce King Herod. She would have scared me.

Kathi made my day today. She was supportive and encouraging and said, “This play has become our family thing.” It meant a lot for me to hear Kathi say that because I started the McDonell Christmas dramas. I married into this family. They are not mine even though I love them very much. I yearn for my family. My heart gets very heavy and sad. Today when Kathi spoke about the drama, I knew our family included me. It was a good Christmas.

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