Monday, December 3, 2007

The Cupcakes Party On

I can brag on Nicole, because she is not mine. And I can be proud because flesh of my flesh, my son, Brad, chose her. I don’t know how she does it. . .the quintessential home decorator and recent home stager, room mother, church volunteer, and alpha mom with two of the sweetest children on the planet, just threw the best 4 year old birthday party of the century. Here are some highlights of this baking/cupcake little girl event.

In preparation of this special party, birthday girl Lilly wore her new Gymboree cupcake coordinated pink top, sweater, jeans, socks and barrette. Daddy, Mommy and Jackson put on their aprons. The doorbell started ringing at 10:20 a.m. with the arrival of mommy’s helpers, Mrs. Holly and Mrs. Karen and the photographer helper. (Not the photographs on this blog.) Immediately after that, other very cute, Parker, CO, little girls began arriving right on cue.

Upon arrival, the 15 little guests donned bitty bakers aprons designed with sweet pink and brown cupcake appliqués. Each little girl was given a miniature cake box to decorate with Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers which would be used later for safe transport of their own individual self-decorated birthday cake. The little girls were shepherded to three different activity stations that were rotated every 10 minutes. At station #1, they played games including “hot cupcake” and a relay of cookies on spatulas. At station #2, the little girls painted cupcake Christmas ornaments. At station #3, they decorated mini cakes (not cupcakes) with pink and green frosting and many kinds of sprinkles. There was a one book story time break while the table was set for birthday treats of cake and juice and the candle blowing ceremony. The little guests appropriately “oohed” and “ahhed” at the opening of gifts and then had just a few minutes for free play in the playroom kitchen. Parents of the birthday party guests arrived promptly at noon to pick up their sweet darlings.

With new toys to examine, the fun lasted all day for Lilly and big five and a half year old brother, Jackson. And there was more. . . another family treat—the Denver Parade of Lights with two of Lilly and Jackson’s best friends—Payton and Audrey. (Do notice the theme continued as Lilly wore her cupcake winter hat and mittens.) Lilly, this might just be as good as it gets!

These are pictures of Lilly's room--just in case you thought I was stretching the truth on Nicole being the quintessential home decorator.

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