Monday, December 31, 2007

Here is the how-to blast away, me hearties

Someone emailed for directions to our Marshmallow Blasters. Below is a picture of the instruction sheet that I included with the surprise blasters at our Gisel Christmas. Notice that we avoid the G word although we do accidentally lapse into terms like "shoot" and “your dead”. We try. . .
You remember about double clicking for a bigger picture, right?

Additonal tips:

  • Paint complicates the blasters. The marshmallows do not zip through as well. It is difficult to get the elbows and tees and caps on the blasters.

  • Be careful not to sand too much on the PVC pipe or the elbows, tees and caps do not fit tight enough.

  • We do not glue the pieces together unless they get really loose.

  • It is fun to have extra parts as kids like adding on and making their own creative blasters.

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