Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Heads Are Better Than One

Donna decided to go on the Girls Get Away Cruise, invited her sisters, made the arrangements, handed out vouchers at appropriate times. She would have gone alone but three was better than one.

The night before the cruise, we rejoiced over the miners rescue, and then were amazed at Secretariat and Penny Chenery. We would have enjoyed watching alone but the shared experience was better.

We were happy campers in a closet sized room—with each having three drawers and a few hangers. I slept on the top bunk, Donna provided bathroom spray, and Lou shared shampoo and conditioner. Donna woke at the crack of dawn each morning after a few hours of sleep, showered and had her coffee than woke Lou who showered and then woke me. It worked.

My sisters quickly fell into the role of rescuing me. Because of them, I arrived on time, heard all of the speakers, and enjoyed all of the entertainment planned by the Premier Christian Cruises' Girls Getaway staff. Three was so much better than I would have been alone.

Without the sisters, I would have lost my sea pass and sweater. Donna would have searched longer for the earrings that were on her ears and might have forgotten to wear her swimsuit for the called-off snorkeling adventure. Lou might not have found the meeting place for the Taste of Key West excursion.

Regarding Taste of Key West, Lou was one of two that tasted all of the hot sauces up until a waiver was required. Donna and I watched with pride and amazement and a bottle of water.

All of us thought the key lime foods were fabulous.

Because we insisted on sharing another excursion experience together, we signed on for the Dolphin Experience. We supported each other when we decided to buy photos at exorbitant prices. More are here on Donna's post.

We loved sharing our meals with an Alabama mom and two sisters and of course our efficient, excellent, delightful and entertaining wait staff, Harish and Tashoy.

Our room attendant amused us with her towel creations.

Regarding leisure time on the day at sail, Donna provided a book for me to read. I provided a book for Lou to read. Donna brought books and bought books.

Regarding photos, mostly, I was the photographer. Donna was most photographed. Lou requested a photo book of our cruise.

We liked and were challenged by all of the same speakers. Angela Thomas ranked in the first or second spot for all of us. And of course, Melissa Reeves and Lysa TerKeurst who reminded us that “With age, your mess becomes your message.”

And oh yes, Carol Kent and Karen Kingsbury, who warmed us with her humbleness and availability. Then there was Mark Harris, who led us in amazing worship and marvelous performances by Johnny Diaz, and Nicole C. Mullen. Of course, Kenn Kington, who kept us laughing as well as The Spa Girls and Penny Dollar and Polly Esther. In all it was an amazing event—a happy shared sister time.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12


Diana said...

Oh Brenda, I'm so glad that you shared these photos! It looked like a marvelous time and those sunny blue skies, you were all three blessed to be there TOGETHER!!!
Love Di ♥

Donna's Book Nook said...

What a great summary of our cruise! Thanks--that made doing my post much easier--just link to yours!

Rebecca said...

What to say???!?! Your wry wit has me laughing. And laughing some more.

I can just "SEE" some of your experiences. I was all excited to hear about snorkeling, so was quite disappointed to hear it was called off...But the dolphin adventure is quite impressive.

So nice you all shared your toiletries and books and the hot sauce taste-off sounds interesting.

Sounds like all three heads made for a memorable experience. Good for you--all 3.

Bernie said...

I am so lonesome for my sisters right now, your cruise looks like so much fun and I love seeing you all together
.....:-) Hugs