Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Ride on a Beautiful Day

The photo is blurry. It could be because we were just whizzing along so fast or . . . maybe not.

18.1 miles
1 hour, 49 minutes, 53 seconds
Average speed: 9.9 MPH
No Falls

No, we did not beat any records but we had a great time. We rode the bike path from Morgan's home in Geneva to our Wheaton home. The entire trip took us 2 hours and 5 minutes because we took a couple of rests and had to wait on traffic now and then to cross a few busy highways and because of skipping stones which was more dangerous than we anticipated. I hit Morgan with a rock the first time--thankfully no harm done. I got a little better with practice but Morgan excelled.

Morgan kept me entertained. I especially enjoyed hearing all of the songs that
her singing group at school is practicing for their first concert. We met an entire Cross Country meet on the path. Morgan serenaded them as we rode along. We rode by of an outdoor wedding. It was a perfect day for a ride.

Thank you to our SAG (Support and Gear) crew member, Grandpa. He chauffeured, driving me and my bike to Geneva for the ride and then later accompanying me to take Morgan home. He fueled us on Barones pizza following our ride. He was also a great cheerleader.

Biking makes us feel so good--thankful and happy and blessed. Does it get any better than this?


Bernie said...

Impossible to get any better than spending time with grandchildren.
......:-) Hugs

Donna's Book Nook said...

Makes me think I should get out my bike again--or maybe not. If I'm ever going to commit to bike riding I guess I need a better bike.

Dee said...

Great ride...I wish I could still ride my bike. They did not have all these great bike trails when I was able to ride. I am thinking about getting one of those amigo's to use on a trail. I love the zucchini pie recipe. It looks simple and yummy AND healthy. :)

Wanda..... said...

It's the perfect time of year for bike rides, Brenda. I was just telling a group of friends, that we should have our next meeting on the bike trails!

You and Morgan look happy and pleased with yourselves.

Diana said...

Sounds like a great ride to me!
Love Di ♥