Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Reason to Celebrate!

Our family believes in celebrations. We love to take every opportunity to show each child that he/she is special and valued. Today was an opportunity for us to celebrate our 8th grade graduate Kent.

Kent is a joy. He loves water sports, running, games, beaches, climbing, fishing, and more as indicated by his end of year poster.

He is intelligent, great at math and a tease! He is a good role model to his younger brothers and sister.

He is a loyal, good, fun-loving friend!

Kent shows affection and respect, easily and readily, to his grandparents and extended family and we do soak it up! He makes us laugh as well!

Once again as Grandparents, Bob and I are aware how quickly these years fly by! We surely are proud of Kent and we love him completely!

May God richly bless you, Kent!


Bernie said...

Congratulations Kent, well done! Brenda this is a lovely post celebrating your grandson, Kent. You are blessed my friend...:-)Hugs

Diana said...

Congratulations to Kent! There's something so emotional about eighth grade graduation. I think it's that the little boy/girl is no longer that, and it's that milestone that make's at least me,so aware of that.What a thoughtful grandma you are Brenda!

Rebecca said...

You and Bob are role models not only for your children and grandchildren, but for all us parents and grandparents as well! Thanks for the example and challenge of "loving completely".

Wanda said...

Kent is such a handsome young boy well on his way to becoming a most wonderful young "man"...His graduation is just one of many reasons to celebrate him.