Friday, June 19, 2009

As Good As It Gets

“Awesome!” was Morgan’s word for our time together.

I agree.

Wednesday afternoon, Morgan posed for a few customary Cantigny photos.

And some adorable and clever photos.

Then she said, “Let’s do some pictures of us together.”

I was honored.

At the Arboretum, we checked out the tadpoles.

They are quicker now and fewer.

Morgan caught a few that still had tails but that also had legs.

Then she discovered some very tiny but completely developed toads. So cute!

I was pleased by her willingness to hold and examine the little animals.

Most of our time, all day Thursday, was spent at Six Flags Great America.

It was Morgan’s first visit.

I was privileged to be the first to take her.

After studying the map, we headed for the Giant Drop.

Now here is my important tip for Grandmas:

I never used L when my sons were born. When it started feeling like a good idea, I was offered an epidural which was miraculous and wonderful and negated my need for L.
However, my lessons were not wasted.
I have used L many times since then.

It became part of my working MO when I had teens.
Imagine this,
A young 16 year old son driver newly licensed
The setting: An unwise mother gives permission for that individual to transport a friend to his home.
The crisis: A rapid developing, tornado like storm.

Here is the procedure.
Focus on the cross.
Breathe: Hee, hee, hee, hee, hoo

Since I had plenty of opportunities to fine tune this technique, it returns quite easily and naturally when something scary and potentially painful is about to happen. The process is calming and gets me through.

The Giant Drop was quite scary as well for Morgan. She had done one before at a County Fair but it was not so high.

I have found that my bravado is best early in the day right after arrival so I headed for Superman: Ultimate Flight. On this ride you are fipped on your stomach before you take off then you "soar head-first through a twisted steel track."

Morgan said, “I don’t like roller coasters.”

I convinced her that we needed to protect our reputation among brothers and cousins and friends. After this one ride, we did not need to go on any more roller coasters. I thought we should get it over and out of the way. My plan for her was not to watch it before we rode. We ran up and got right on because there was no line yet. I thought my advice to her was age appropriate, “Close your eyes and scream! It will be over before you know it. This coaster is a short ride.”

And guess what? She liked it! Really! I was surprised!

We rode it four more times!

We spent most of the afternoon in Hurricane Harbor, the water park. This is extremely unusual for me.

I never let anyone see me in a swim suit except grandchildren. And then, I keep my cover up—which really is a cover up—not a see through black lacey piece of fabric—close by. I keep it on until I jump in the water and stay in the water until we are done playing and then watch for the best opportunity to jump out of the water and into my cover up as quickly as possible all in one motion as much as possible.

But I really bonded with Morgan.

We changed suits in the car—saving a locker rental. I tried renting a locker when Steven and I went to Great America last summer and was unsuccessful and lost money and lots of time. The car was much more efficient.

I walked around with Morgan for 4-5 hours in my swim suit with no cover up! We went on many water slides, tubing around Castaway Creek, the lazy river ride at least three times and playing in the wave pool—lots of times! We did not run into anyone that I knew. I have no photos. Morgan did look cute. I left my camera in the car for safe keeping as we played. I have already ruined one camera by dropping it in the water.

There was a water slide that looked very scary to me. Morgan said, “You made me go on Superman so I am going to make you go on this slide.”

I owed her one and so I went.

Guess what? It was fun! Not even scary enough for L.

Before dinner, we took a few more fun photos.

After dinner the evening was fun.

Both Morgan and I like rides that go around—like the swings that we did three times.

We like rides that go around and up and down, sometimes fast. We did several of those, several times.

Morgan likes rides that go around and up and down and upside down.

I don’t . . . so I did The Orbit one time . . . but then Morgan agreed to go alone the second time.

After The Carousel and cotton candy, I convinced Morgan that it was time to go home. My legs only worked when going in the direction of the car.

On the way home, Morgan said, “I am not really good at screaming.”

Morgan screams very well when she is not actually scared. But when she is really scared the sound does not come out.

I understood.

I told her that I am not very good at laughing. When something is really funny to me, the sound does not come out well. I would love to have a better belly laugh or a good giggle.

Morgan mused. “It is kind of sad that this awesome day is done. I had so much fun and now there will probably never be another Grandma Day that will be as good as this.”

I gave a pep talk on how many things there are still to do that are so fun. I was not completely convincing.

But I understood.

I have had those feelings before. (I said something similar to Bob after our wedding, "No other day could ever be as special as this.")

For now, I am reveling in the wonderful time Morgan and I spent together.

We are blessed.


Bernie said...

Brenda, what a wonderful day you had with your granddaughter....and Morgan is beautiful. I loved how you shared your day with Morgan and then with us. You are blessed my friend and absolutely, revel in the enjoyment of having your granddaughter with sound so happy and proud....Enjoy my friend, days like these don't come around that often. I am so happy for you....:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

What a memory you just made for each other...Morgan is a beautiful child Brenda...or I should say young lady...She couldn't look happier or her smiles bigger in the photos...Grandchildren are the best things in the world.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I will read it all again with Gary tonight! What fun. Next time you come to Donna's I want to learn "L"! I never took the classes and childbirth went quite hard and quickly for me each time---but you've convinced me that it's definitely a tool I should have in my emotional toolbox. I'm a little suspicious of why there are no pictures of you in swimsuit - although the story of dropping the camera into water sounds plausible enough....

Diana said...

Oh Brenda that was so funny with the L word and your son driving. I knew EXACTLY how you felt. What a special time you two girls had, I loved the photo of Morgan by that clog tree. And the tiny frog so cute.
You can really tell by her expressions that that was a very special day for her as well. She has a super sweet smile. Great job grandma!