Friday, June 12, 2009

Gisels Girls Gladly "Deal With It"

The Gisel Girl Cousins retreated this week to Chimney Corner Resort near Frankfort, MI on Crystal Lake.

There is something breathtaking, peaceful, and restorative, in viewing the wide panoramic span of water.

Betti, our organizer and hostess, tried to pull off a “Hello Dolly” theme for our 2009 gathering beginning with a clever welcome song accompanied by kazoos.

Lavonne brought a special treat for all of us, just in case during this somewhat rustic experience, we experienced any untouchables. The spider catchers were not needed but like insurance, they provided peace of mind—and a good laugh!

It is tough impossible to control my strong willed cousins but Betti tried a new motto —“Deal With It!”

This was useful as we were assigned our sleeping locations—either in the small private cabin or the larger group house and as we talked about sharing three bathrooms for 15 of us. Deal With It!

We also bantered back and forth as we discussed temperature—in cars and for sleeping. Deal With It!

If someone hoped for another excursion, and wondered where and when we would eat? Or wanted to ride in a different car? Just Deal With It!

As always there were many highlights. My sister, Donna, posted her photos and listed some highlights. Here are a few more:
  • Visiting Gwen Frostic Prints in Benzonia, Michigan The shopkeeper quizzically asked, “Did you come on a bus?” We proudly informed her that we were 15 cousins—to the chagrin of some in our group.


  • Eating at the Cherry Hut in Benzonia, MI

More cherries!

The only thing that is not quite accurate on this sign is that none of us were for sale—although on second thought, we might be willing to make a deal on one or two.

  • At the Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor, we sampled and bought: chocolate covered cherries, dried cherries, cherry salsa, cherry barbeque sauce, cherry balsamic vinaigrette dressing, cherry trail mix, cherry wines and cherry sodas and more.

And more cherries!

  • Most of us savored every bite of a salad with cherries and walnuts and incredible cherry vinagrette dressing at the Manitou Restaurant in Frankfort.

  • I am not sure if it was shock, dismay or fear that we saw on the face of our greeter at Little Eden as we approached en masse for an impromptu “quick tour” of this private camp and vacation spot for many of our relatives.

  • Betti surrendered the box and all of the responsibilities to the new keepers—Cousin Mary and Cousin Barb.

  • Betti was given a black licorice toast for her incredible job of organizing and hostessing this gathering in addition to being the Keeper of the Box and sole possessor of all of our heritage keepsakes. (A universal Gisel trait is the love of licorice candy.)

  • The sunset was not as stunning as we had hoped but it was an appropriate peaceful happy ending.

  • A few of us positioned ourselves for a Last Stand on the lighthouse, waiting for nightfall.

  • Finally, everyone was convinced to go back to our cabin— or walk. All good things must end. Deal with it!

What I remember most when I think of our gatherings is the laughter. There was lots of laughter. There is always laughter. That is why it is easy — a pleasure and privilege to Deal With It!


Bernie said...

Brenda, what a wonderful post. Sharing time with your sister and cousins. If your family is like mine there would of been lots of laughter for sure. I cannot think of a more fun, relaxing or pleasurable thing to do. So happy you had such a good time and it looks as though you had no trouble dealing with anything.
....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Oh Brenda this sounded like such a fun trip! And the scenery was beautiful.I thought the sunset and the lake were breathtaking!I would have loved a trip like that. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

It was nice to "tag along" via your pictures. I think I could pass for one of you! I LOVE licorice! So if you ever need a substitute, just holler! )I've learned to deal with things pretty well, too, if that helps.)

Wanda said...

That was fun many cousins and situations to "deal with"...I could see a family resemblance in a lot of you...large families are extra special...again that was Fun!

lady m's lavender cottage said...


It looks like you had a good time ;)

Thanks for sharing,

lady m

Rebecca said...

You need to go to for some good bee jokes (although maybe you've heard them all.)

Diana said...

Hi Brenda, Would you please head over to my blog, there is something there for you!

Wanda said...

Brenda...I have an award for you...but only if you want it...OK! :)