Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes, I walk with a limp, but . . .

Some have wondered how well I walk after eleven and a half weeks (not that I am counting) since my attempted tandem blob jump in August (referred to as a “Double Dad” by Dr. Thomas.)

My walk is not pretty and I do have a bit of walk envy as I watch others saunter so easily about without even thinking of the motion. I have a limp, which I am trying to correct. When I am really concentrating on every step, I do okay. However, when I forget and start to hurry around, I sort of swing limp and my right hip goes up and down. The muscles on my left knee and leg are still healing and are keeping me from having a normal gait. I keep exercising and practicing. It is as if deep inside my left leg, I have a rock that does not let me bend normally. I have no pain just some achiness that is easily remedied with Ibuprofen. I am hoping to make a full recovery eventually. Occasionally I get impatient or discouraged or just plain tired so I made this list and am thankful!

  1. I cornered my cane on Saturday and have not used it since.
  2. I can go up and down stairs every other foot instead of one foot at a time without holding on to a railing.
  3. I can comfortably cross my legs—right over left or left over right.
  4. I can get down on the floor and up again without using a prop.
  5. I pitched my Handicapped Parking Placard (good through February) because I can walk and I need to walk and I am glad to walk.
  6. I am starting my morning regular walking exercise with my walking partner.
  7. My hubby sees me as capable again. He asked me to help carry the unwieldy deck furniture around the house to the garage for the winter.
  8. I am signing up to walk the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.
  9. I do not wear a platform in my shoe. My left leg is an eighth to a quarter inch shorter than my right but special shoes are not necessary.
  10. I drive “my” car again. When I was less capable, I drove “Bob’s” car because it was easier to get in and out of and I liked some of the special features.
  11. I can sleep on either side comfortably and I do not need to sleep with a pillow between my legs.

Life is good!

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Donna said...

Sounds like you're doing great! You really will walk without a limp again--it took me over 6 months to walk without a limp, so take heart!