Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This summer, I pretended that I was still in my fifties. I went on roller coasters that flip and turn upside down. I rode horses enough to feel it the next day. I got up on two skis at Bankston Lake. I stood up and jumped off of a very high tower to ride a very high zipline. At DisneyWorld I screamed my way down the Tower of Terror and took turns on the Segway as often as possible. It was such fun!

Now, who would have thought that the blob would get me? But it surely did! I tried, honestly I did--to get it right--land on my bottom with my feet out straight but instead I collided with Sharice--the dear wife of nephew, Brian. What an initiation into old age! Certainly I have found the edge that I should not jump off of!

Here are a few photos compliments of my sister, Donna, because words can't explain the concept of a blob.

This really is tons of fun--according to every other blobber.

The person that you cannot see is me. I wondered if these men might be my pallbearers but then I opened my eyes and confirmed that I had not died. There is no pain in heaven. Whew!

And here we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses and angels.

Yes, my femur was broken but now it is all pinned and bolted back together. I felt just as pleased today when I shuffled to the door and back in my hospital room as I did after completing the 5K--a pretty low target for someone that was fighting being 60!

Sharice? She still has not had xrays taken. She stayed off of pain medicine all day yesterday although she cannot put any pressure on her leg. She is going to a girlfriend gathering tomorrow in North Carolina! Whew! Now that is some woman!


Kathi said...

Thanks again for a wonderful family weekend! I'm just sorry it had to end early for you this way. I know you will recover with as much intensity as you jumped! Love, Kathi

Lucysmom said...

UGH! Aunt Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about your blobbing mishap! In all my years as a staff member at Miracle Camp, I saw TONS of people double blob; never did it end like this! I hope you are mending quickly and completely. I know it will be hard for you to sit and relax, but please try. :)Take care! Love, Amy