Friday, August 1, 2008

Does this remind anyone else of the Cleaver home?

Mom and Dad, wonderful parents of my first hubby raised their family of five children in Morton, IL. Their children were taught to love God and live with integrity. Theirs was a happy home.

Their home has been rented out for the past 23 years and now it is time to sell. Let me take you on a tour. . .

When you walk in the front door, you enter the living room and then you can go to the left into the dining room. It has a circle layout which was great for kids! Underneath the carpet are narrow slatted wood floors.


I can't wait to show you the Linoleum floor!

But there is so much more! How about Linoleum counter tops!

And a microwave?

Nope! That is a toaster!--a built in!

And there is anoter built-in as well! Remember how cool these were!

Now, use your imagination. . Think about sitting at this table under the telephone and eating breakfast! It is about too good to be true! You're thinking pancakes, right? I'm sorry, I think Wheaties and reading the box was what Dale liked best.


This was another favorite for me. I loved this wide stairway and the cubbies everywhere for storage. Notice one near the top of the stairs.

When you got to the top, you could go to the girls room by turning right or Dale's room was to the left. The bathroom was in the center. Dad and Mom put in all of the knotty pine themselves. It was done right!
This is the larger of the bedrooms. Mom put in all of the tile floors on a diagonal by herself and she had three small children--under three years of age--two of whom were twins. Notice again the under-the-eaves storage along both sides of the room.

This next picture is definitely a favorite find!! Dale went through a stage when he loved cowboys and Indians! I just gave away the last of those plastic little figures. On my first visit to his house, I also remember model planes hanging from the ceiling.


The park where we played family softball games is just behind the house.

The railroad tracks where we found spikes are still there within a few paces.

Witzigs where Dale worked is gone but his other favorite store is still there. . . And you can get anything there at good quality and prices. You won't be out of place in your Catapillar cap.

And it still looks the same where Joy worked. . .

Plus there is this adorable root beer stand. . .

Seeing Paul at work on the house seemed perfectly normal. There is soooo much in this one photo that reflects his Dad!

And look June Cleaver can still do it all. All that has changed is her dress, apron and heels. The floor scrubber is authentic and we also used the vintage Electrolux. The only appliance available is a very old but very efficient working stove with a double oven.

The house will be for sale soon! You'll have to really negotiate though to have the floor scrubber included.

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