Monday, October 20, 2008

Friends that lift our sights and broaden our horizons and love to laugh

What a privilege to spend a few hours on Saturday with friends, Janet and John. Our first stop was the Crystal Cathedral. This was not a place that I might have gone on my own volition but I wanted to be positive and enjoy the day. I was glad that we went! The Crystal Cathedral is truly a beautiful place. I particularly loved the sculptures—especially the smiling Jesus sculptures. The water, the flowers, the architecture, were all stunning. Rev. Schuller loves architecture and wanted everything on the campus to draw guests eyes towards the heavens. It was interesting to notice all of the vertical lines. The rosemary shrubbery was being trimmed along one long walkway and smelled wonderful.

Janet and John have decided to try to visit all of the Presidential Libraries so since we were just 10 minutes from the Nixon Library, we stopped there for a short visit. I loved looking at all of the memorabilia and it triggered a lot of memories of things that I had forgotten—and of course things that I had never known. It does seem sad that Nixon is defined by Watergate. It was interesting to see life size figures of world leaders from that time period—Golda Meir, Winston Churchill, and others. I think it was Nikita Khrushchev that was only 5 feet, 3 inches tall. We saw some gifts given to the Nixons while they were in the White House. All gifts that they received over $350 belong to the National archives. It was interesting to learn of the gifts that were given by the US to other world leaders as well. I enjoyed the period furniture and gowns worn by Pat, Tricia and Julie. We saw a piece of the Berlin wall and lots of Vietnam stories and memorabilia. I think it is an interesting pursuit to visit each presidential library and I will be much more inclined to visit others as well. Thanks Janet and John for the happy memories.

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Donna said...

I actually have often thought I would like to see the Crystal Cathedral. I didn't realize it had all those neat sculptures. Thanks for sharing.

Now that you're home, back to business. What's my purse like? Do I need to come and get it?!