Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I know is not much

But, I DO know . . .
  • Hale is not plagued with indecision. He likes. He does not like. There is no middle ground.
  • Hale likes animals and babies and birds.
  • He likes his DSI game and is subject to lengthy explanations of the games, characters, strategies, etc.
  • He is an avid and very good reader of some books.
  • I know that one of Hale’s love languages is gifts.
  • That he is concerned about healthy eating and reads labels and gives great exposés on foods but loves candy.

  • I can guess pretty accurately that he will not want his picture taken which explains why I have many pictures of the back of his cute head.

  • He loves chess which unfortunately I do not know how to play.
  • Hale loves his siblings and his mom very much and misses them when separated.
  • Hale knows a lot of facts and some are accurate but some are not quite. For example . . . “There are 8 million people in Chicago, Grandma!” I didn’t know so I checked later, out of curiosity, and I think it is closer to 3 million but 3 million or 8 million? They are both big numbers—too big for us to comprehend.
  • Mostly, I do know that it is always delightful to have one-on-one time with Hale
  • and Hale always remembers to say, “Thank you.”

But I don’t know. . .
  • If he will want a Grandma Day. (He did! Yay!)
  • What to feed him. (Lemonade, chips, Sprite Zero, Arby’s chicken strips, popcorn and “leftover” pizza for breakfast.)
  • What he will enjoy doing.

Here is what I learned . . .
  • He is very tired of swim lessons and is happy to have a reason to miss (which could perhaps explain his enthusiasm for a Grandma Day).
  • He is not ever going up in the Sears/Willis Tower because he has vertigo and does not like heights.
  • Hale liked Chicago’s Peter Pan, performed in a theater in the round with a 360 screen. I will repeat that because it is so much fun to say . . . Hale liked it!

  • He does not like Chicago and is not interested in seeing any more of it.
  • He can ride an adult bike and there is no need to borrow a smaller one.

  • He prefers sleeping on the floor. (I did offer three different beds, really I did.)

  • He shares my enthusiasm for bird watching out our breakfast window.

  • Among his favorites are black-capped chickadees and cardinals. He also enjoyed watching the goldfinches and an appearance of a hummingbird. However, his absolute favorite kind of bird is an owl which of course we did not see but we did visit a store on our bike ride called, The Barn Owl.

  • At the store we both enjoyed interacting with Joe the talking bird

Hale took home an owl souvenir to remember our day.

We both went home happy.


Wanda..... said...

Hale is very photogenic...he will love these photos and all the grandma time, I'm sure.

Diana said...

What a great day! And you know a lot about Hale. I love his knowledge of healthy foods yet his love of candy.
I love that he likes to sleep on the floor anyway, my granddaughter used to do the same but I have fixed up her own "Special" bed so she sleeps in it now.
And I love that I am not the only grandma who's grandchildren don't like their photos taken! Now I don't feel so alone. Great post!
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

I like almost everything about Hale - starting with his name. What a good, strong name!

Hale is blessed to have a grandmother who attempts to get to the "bottom" of his heart & mind :)

I suspect there will be yet another grandmother day or two in the future!

Well done, Grandmother!