Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They keep going and going and going

Jackson & Lilly came off the plane
Where they had traveled all by themselves
Full of enthusiasm
Ready for action

I quickly realized that I needed to pay attention
or I would miss the action!

They move quickly

And accomplish much!

Going farther

And faster


And higher


And over

Each day was a new adventure for Grandma.

Perhaps nutrition suffered
But occasional refueling is necessary.

I loved their teamwork.

And their concentration.

Lilly's hair suffered.

There was dramatic improvement a few days later
when Mom arrived.

Jackson and Lilly define enthusiasm

And good humor

Afterwards I was a little tired.

Missing two Energizers that bring such joy.

I LOVE them

And their visits.


Wanda..... said...

I see why you were tired and willing to lay down a bit in the glass were brave though, to even get in it! Lovely time with your cute grandchildren, Brenda.

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post. I can identify with the Energizer Bunny reference!