Monday, August 29, 2011

Remember? “How many people can you get in a Volkswagon?”

I love how our friends stretch us, encouraging us to taste things we have not tasted, go places we have not gone, do things we have not done . . . broadening our awareness and interests.

We do things with them that we would not do on our own—things that no persuasive power could move my hubby . . . except that he, too, enjoys the company of friends. In that I am very blessed.

It is not that we do not like the band . . .
I like their name . . . Chicago,
a minor theme throughout my blog. . .
This is more of the same story but with a different twist.
It is just that the tickets were more than the usual $10 lawn tickets
and I only remembered one song by the group
and there is road construction everywhere,
especially on Lake Cook Road . . .
making the commute to Ravinia two hours instead of 45 minutes
and as we were loaded down like camels,
with chairs, coolers, tables, and blankets . . .
shuffling into the park like cattle,
attempting to hang on to each other like kindergarten children on a string . . .
my hubby whispered, “Remind me, why do we like this?”
Then he answered his own question, “The friends, the friends, the friends.”

We intended to arrive early to save some real-estate for a group of 19 people. It is a long story of why I was in charge.
We had not counted on our bumper-to-bumper, slower-than-walking travel experience.
When we arrived, the park already looked like this.

But we boldly put our tarp and blanket into a
postage stamp area . . . you can see the area right in front of the picture.
It was actually large enough for about six people.
Here is where the Volkswagen experiences of our youth came in handy. . .
As each new carload of friends joined us, we were able to get a few more into the space . . .

And then a few more

And then a few more

Finally all seventeen, one in a wheelchair--two did not make it--wiggled in place and enjoyed the concert.

And yes, we did enjoy it.
The band is really, really good.
And looks to be about the age of us.
And they look pretty good and fit . . .
Except kind of old
And they are incredibly energetic!
They played the one song that I knew
And most of the people in our group knew most of the songs.
The screen was a big hit for us.

Usually we sit on the grass and see nothing—except each other—but this time we could actually see what what those in the high money seats in the pavilion were seeing—maybe better—like when you go to a ballgame, those watching from home may actually see it better.
It was an outdoor movie-concert on a beautiful, beautiful evening.

At one point, Donna, leaned over to me and said, “Does it seem a little funny that these old men are crooning out love songs?”

It was fun, being with friends, experiencing together, remembering old times and making new memories.

Part of the fun was that the band seemed to enjoy each other and enjoyed performing—laughing and smiling among themselves. It is good to laugh.

Yay! for friends that stretch.


Rebecca said...

Jealous. I could use some stretching myself!

By the way, which song did you know?

Diana said...

What a nice evening Brenda, I would love seeing "Chicago" in person. However I don't care for crowds.
One song "25 or 6 to 4" was the first song I learned to play on the guitar way back when! Love Di ♥