Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What was your high today?

I said here that I'd go to Chicago whatever the weather but I forgot about fog.

Since photos started surfacing of the Sears/Willis Tower Skydeck, I have been waiting for an opportunity to experience it. Yesterday, with David, a willing grandson, I trekked from the train station to WT but we did not go up to the Skydeck. It was not fear—no sir—no way. Before we purchased tickets we were told that the visibility was zero.

On vacation, I had experienced zero visibility
so we moved to Plan B.

David was not excited about museum options so we headed to Navy Pier—not your typical choice on an inclement day.

When visiting Maine, taste lobster.

In Springfield, see the Lincoln Museum.

In St. Louis, go up in The Arch.

On Navy Pier, ride the ferris wheel.

It is really, really slow.
It is not exciting
But it is high.
And it’s part of Chicago history.
If you can,
Ride it once,
Just because.

And on a cold foggy day
There are no lines.
I did not even see other riders
But did I mention it was a foggy day.

And even though you cannot see very far,
You can see more
Than you would see from the Willis Tower,
On a foggy day.

To help us recover from our Willis Tower disappointment,
And to make this a memorable day,
We went through the overpriced Navy Pier maze.
We were the only people in the maze.

We went through it . . .
And again . . .
And again . . .
Three times before exiting.
We never did figure out the mirror room.

We picnicked in the garden room
And were mesmerized by the fountains . . .

By noon, we headed over to Millenium Park
And walked through The Bean.

See us way up at the top?
That is David’s yellow coat.

Yay! The skating rink was open.
David can roller blade
but he had never been on ice skates.
I love a Can-Do or at least an I’ll-Try spirit.

His joy . . . His success . . .

His accomplishment . . .

Was our High for the day!

And that is even taking into consideration
The Garretts popcorn that we ate on
the train ride home.

And I thought it was going to be Willis Tower.


Debra said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog tonight! What a beautiful family and lovely photos! Blessings

linda said...

Sounds like it was a great day despite the fog and cold weather. At least there was no snow!

I never was able to ice skate. My ankles give out every time!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Looks like you had a really full day, even without the Willis Tower.

I must come join you on one of your Chicago adventures!

Wanda said...

I liked what you thought was your high of the day Brenda...David's fun achievement. The room of mirrors looks a little daunting to me...enjoyed the photos of your trip with your grandson!

Rebecca said...

What a fine example of making lemonade with the lemons of life! You're a trooper, Brenda - full of spirit, flexibility, sense of adventure, generosity, curiosity, and fun! I WANT to be that way but sadly fall WAY short most of the time.

I come back to your blog frequently for education.

an encourager said...

What a fun trip!

Dee said...

You would be fun to travel with. :)