Monday, January 4, 2010

Visions of sugar plums still dance in my head

Does this look safe?

It is all part of the picture.

Our after-school program starts up again tomorrow.

I wish for one more vacation week and yet . . .

There are new experiences,

New sounds,

Talents to explore,

Future hopes

And challenges are waiting.

Today I was reflecting on our Christmas Party.

The younger grades prepared a drama
and singing program.

Fifth and sixth graders made desserts.

Future chefs

and gourmet bakers tried their hands.

The presentations were exquisite.

Nothing was wasted.

The enthusiasm was contagious.

Confident hostesses

Surprisingly willing macho servers

Even more surprising - - a willing clean-up crew.

The younger kids practiced with gusto and performed even better.

Listen to them practicing.

The dress was not casual.

The restrooms buzzed with hair dryers
and curling irons.

Smelling like a perfume factory.

Hair was braided.

The ninos were muy linda.

And the jóvenes were muy guapo as well.

Hearts were full of love and joy and accomplishment.

Tomorrow begins a new semester.

The Christmas program helped both tutors
and students see each other more clearly.

Hopefully these new visions . . .

Will propel us with new effort and enthusiasm

Into this Happy New Year.


Diana said...

Lovely photos Brenda, the children all looked so happy. And you looked in your element! Love Di

Wanda said...

That was very heart warming Brenda...anything to do with helping children almost makes me cry. I have always been the caregiver for my grandchildren, while their parents worked, if not for that I would have wished to do something similar with my time.

Jacquelyn said...

This is amazing. I can feel the love. I'm laughing at the first picture where the little girl is using the knife. During the holidays my 4 yr old granddaughter, who loves to help in the kitchen, asked if I could buy her a "children's" knife!