Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Circle

For a few years, we used the ABC's to get our family involved in remembering Thanksgiving. I think this year, we may try something else in our family. I adapted this from a group mixer-type game taught at FRU.

This is not a memory game and everyone that is old enough to talk ought to be able to participate.

The first person will begin by saying something that they are thankful for such as, "I am thankful for my parents."

Someone else that is thankful for his/her parents should run up and link arms and say what they are thankful for--it should be different than what was already mentioned, i.e. "I am thankful also for my parents and I am thankful for Thanksgiving turkey."

Someone else that really loves turkey should run up and link arms and could say, "I also love Thanksgiving turkey and I am thankful for a sunny day today so we can play football."

This should continue everyone has had a chance to join the circle. If someone says, "I am thankful for my dog." and none of the remaining people are thankful for a dog, the person will have to keep naming things until someone is able to link on to the circle.

The last person to join the circle will need to find some common thankful item with the first person. They will just have to talk together until they find something in common.

While all are linked, Grandpa will lead us in a Thanksgiving blessing.

I am not sure if this will actually work. There will be twenty-two together at our Thanksgiving meal. It seems to me that it is worth a try. I'd love to hear if you have another idea.

Thanksgiving Day Postscript:

Are any of you wishing that something more spiritual and thankful could have occurred today at your Thanksgiving festivities? I had hoped and imagined and planned for some sharing today as indicated by this bold post. It did not happen. I was disappointed.

I sensed the voice of God quietly in my heart, “I don’t need you. I am in control. You do need Me. Let go of your own plans.”

Ouch. Okay then. I will release my grip and open my hands.


Bernie said...

Oh this sounds likes much more fun than going around the table...I'm sure it will be fine....I am going to check back later and see if someone else has more games or ideas......:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

That sounds like fun Brenda...another idea is to have everyone secretly write down what they are thankful for, then fold the paper and deposit in a bowl, later one person selects one and reads aloud, everyone else tries to guess who wrote it!

Another fun thing to do is hand out pages from a Christmas coloring book to everyone when they leave, they are to color and bring back for Christmas guessing who did what!

Enjoy your wekend Brenda

Brenda said...

Thank you Wanda. I like the idea of writing down our secret thank yous, too.

Diana said...

This sounds like fun Brenda. I think that you should video it! I'd love to see it! Love Di

Dee said...

I like Wanda's idea of secretly writing down what we are thankful for then guess who wrote it.I am going to do this..if i can remember, i will share back with you the results.