Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kids Under Construction

A few days ago Jessica came to help me make gingerbread houses for all the grandkids to decorate on Friday after Thanksgiving.

It was clear, within a few minutes, that Jessica was much more interested in customizing her own gingerbread house than helping me do assembly-line, cookie-cutter houses for each of the grands.

That got me to wondering if the other grandkids over five years of age were big enough, patient enough, and interested enough to construct and customize their own houses.

“Yes” was the enthusiastic, diligent and creative response.

And so today—on maybe the last pretty day of the season—when most of our neighbors were outside putting up Christmas lights—grands were inside constructing.

No candy was consumed today. Decorating does not begin on our gingerbread houses until after Thanksgiving. On that day, candy is placed creatively all over the houses and consumed in large amounts. That is not to say that no sugar was consumed today.

The frosting does harden in the end of the tips requiring a suck on the end of the frosting tube to get it moving again. Our two little guests decorated cookies after the grands went home. It was clear that they had been observing and learning and knew what to do when given their own tube of frosting.

These grands are a talented group. I couldn’t resist a few photos of the undecorated gingerbread houses. I will surely need to post again after Friday’s decorating and landscaping event.

And just in case, you read the title of this post and are wishing your could remember the words to the children’s song played over and over and over again in Christian homes on records and cassettes in the 80’s, I will print them out. Go ahead, let me hear that refrain.

Kids Under Construction


Kids under construction -
Maybe the paint is still wet.
Kids under construction -
The Lord may not be finished yet.

We’re more than just accidents without the cause;
We’re more than just bodies and brains.
God made us on purpose; we’re part of a plan.
He cares and He knows us by name.


Now, mister, I know that I get in your way;
I’m noisy and just bug you so.
But there’s lots of questions I just have to ask
If I’m ever going to know.


Dear Jesus, please make me more patient and kind,
And help us to be more like You.
And make room for all other children of Yours,
For they are still growing up, too.

by Bill Gaither and Gary Paxton


Wanda said...

Looks like you had fun this weekend Brenda! Your grandkids really brought their imagination into play, very talented young architects you have there, can not wait to see the finished houses.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Brenda!

Diana said...

I love this Brenda. What a clever idea. I can just imagine all of the kids decorating and eating all the candy. I am wondering if you do this after dinner or before?
The video of the boys was priceless!
How adorable were they, smiling and licking the icing tubes!
I can't wait to see the final results of the Gingerbread village.
You are such a cool grandma!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

I am so impressed! Those G-houses look great! You really do have a great and talented group of grands. I always liked that song--it says a lot about the value of our precious kids.

Rebecca said...

You've gone and done it again! This is just a priceless tradition. PLEASE send it in to Family Circle or a similar publication. I KNOW it will be snatched up by them. The variety & quantity of the endeavor are enough to "sell" it - but your great commentary, good photos and special brand of love make it a "shoo-in"!

Dee said...

How cute is this post? Love it! :)

Bernie said...

Will you adopt me as a grandchild, I think you are one of the best gramdma's blessed are you and those beautiful grandchildren...looking forward to seeing them when they are decorated Brenda, so love your post about your grandchildren..Hugs

Amanda said...

We had so much fun watching all the kids make their houses. This is surely going to become one of our family traditions. Thanks for letting us be a part of construction night!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

That is a wonderful idea! I do not have grandchildren yet . . . but when I do... making gingerbread houses sounds like a perfect treat for my little angels to be.
Thanks for sharing.
May the Lord keep HIS HANDS on you and your family.

Rebecca said...

I lost your email address so had to come over here to be sure to say that raking leaves and that 3 mile whatever you did to prepare for Turkey Trot does indeed "COUNT". Makes my 30 minutes look quite feeble. Happy Thanksgiving. Are you doing the turkey? (Can't remember if you've said or not....)