Sunday, November 15, 2009

FRU frou-frou

Kathi, Hubby and I were a bit apprehensive as we climbed up the mountain and the snow began to fall.

We chuckled and relaxed finally as Elvira the GPS lady announced in staccato, “In one mile . . . Capital Y, capital M, capital C, capital A of the Rockies . . . on right.”

    We set and accomplished four goals for this weekend:

    • See the camp facilities
    • Meet the staff
    • Sign up for programs
    • Get tips for planning our family reunion

    There were several things about our *FRU weekend that added the **frou-frou.

    *Family Reunion University
    **IJMIU definition: lavish, over the top, beyond the basics, particularly sweet

    The snow came, magical and sparkly in its beauty.

    We were warmly welcomed.

    The staff likes each other. They are genuine. They are flexible. They have a sense of humor. They gave us their best.

    We stayed in the newest, nicest lodge.

    The group sessions and individual appointments to work out our specific reunion details were organized and efficient and accommodating.

    We felt glad when we observed and heard that the C in YMCA is alive and well on this campus. YMCA has four core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. YMCA of the Rockies has also added a fifth core value: faith.

    A graduation feast was prepared for us and served complete with cloth napkins and five gourmet choices for dessert including homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.

    After a rendition of kazoo Pomp and Circumstance, we were awarded certificates and gifts.

    The snow stopped so we could travel back home.

    We experienced an incredible winter wonderland, our first of the season. The trees hung white with frosting-like snow.

    The ride down the mountain was beautiful although the road was snowy and sometimes icy.

    We traveled safely although we continually saw road signs like these.

    We saw elk.

    And wild horses.

    This is not my photo but truly this looks exactly like the horses that we saw running close to the road where we were traveling.

    Best of all, the real frosting on the cake, the topping of the weekend . . .

    We met up with our Denver family for lunch before our airport ride home.

    Wonderful FRU frou-frou.


    Dee said...

    The snow pictures are beautiful and so is your family.

    Diana said...

    I don't know how I missed this post Brenda but I found it now. The snowy photos were gorgeous. I feel as though I missed something with the family reunion. Are planning one, is that was this was about?
    Love Di

    Anonymous said...

    Dee - thanks so much for including YMCA of the Rockies in your great blog. We're glad you had a great time and hope that you picked up a few helpful tips too! Have a great reunion.

    Holly Collingwod
    YMCA of the Rockies
    Communications Department

    Rebecca said...

    Speaking of Winter Wonderlands! Is there time for you to adopt me before the date of your family reunion?

    What a fun education you received. Congratulations on your graduation. I'm very happy for you, Brenda.

    Brenda said...

    Yes, Holly, I did pick up a few helpful hints and I would love to share your hint and Mary's of the "Dotted Lines" but will wait until I get permission. Thanks for all that you do at Rocky Mountain YMCA. We were blessed by the staff. Did you see yourself in one of the photos? Brenda

    Brenda said...

    Diana, Yes, I do not always fill in all the details. We went to the YMCA of the Rockies for their Family Reunion University to plan a family gathering for the summer of 2010. The post explains the four reasons that we wanted to go. It was helpful and we were glad that we went. Brenda

    Bernie said...

    This place looks absolutely beautiful and you were given a bonus of a winter wonderland, I am sure it will be just as beautiful in the are so good at organizing and arranging everything for your family and those you love......your Denver family are lovely......:-) Hugs

    Donna's Book Nook said...

    i agree with Bernie--you are great at planning fun get-togethers for your family! I'm like Rebecca--can I be adopted for the reunion?! The pictures are beautiful. When I saw in the news that it was snowing in Colorado, I had no idea you were there!

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for including the YMCA of the Rockies FRU 2009 on your blog! It was a great pleasure to sit down with you, Bob, and Kathi! I will cherish our conversation and look forward to you staying with us soon! Blessings!
    Sara Kleiber <||><
    Group Sales Director
    YMCA of the Rockies

    Tiffany said...

    Brenda, what a lovely trip! WOW! I just Colorado and all the gorgeous sites and to have a trip where you see your dear family, just perfect! So good to see these beautiful pictures and the smiling faces. Thanks for your always uplifting and supportive comments on our blog, too. The boys and I are so anxious for Jason's return. I'm ready to simply..... R--E--S--T! :)

    Healthy Shift Worker said...

    My goodness that looks cold! It's currently 38 degrees here so it's hard to imagine snow!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi to the YMCA family friends... I worked In in the fall of 93 and the summer of 1996... I had the best time when I rode horses and camping and going to work at the Laundry a long time ago. I had a blast. now I am not able to walk... I did bring my husband once to Estes Park on our 5th wedding anniversary in June 8th.when I was married in Abbeville, La. keep in touch with Lana Madere Edmondson... God Bless you and Merry Christmas!