Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing understated!

In the space of about five minutes, Lilly wrote some notes for me to enjoy on the airplane.

Later, here is what I found . . .

She almost has mastered writing her name in cursive.
This is amazing!

What a friendly mountain climber.

Guess who is tickled!

Say Hi
to my cousins
for me!

She is only in kindergarten!

Don’t you love her!


Dee said...

Wow, She does good for kindergarden, what a sweet thoughtful little girl and i see a future doodle artist. :)

Diana said...

These kids today are soo much smarter than I was at that age! It really amazes me. All we did in kindergarten was draw over the doted line to get the bee from flower to flower. Does anyone remember that?
It's a miracle that I can even write my name now!
Don't ya just love those special cards from the grands? I loved how Lilly spelled cousins and the bicycle! So sweet Brenda!
Love Di

Wanda said...

Those are the most special types of notes to receive aren't they Brenda...with the happy face sun and clouds, plus the hearts everywhere and they are so proud to give the to us! Grammas are lucky! Lilly is lovely and has a beautiful smile!
Luv and Smiles,

Rebecca said...

Just precious! She's the age of OUR granddaughter, Abigail! They are VERY smart these days.

Brenda said...

Rebecca, Did you notice Lilly's exclamation points on every note? That is what cracked me up!

Bernie said...

Oh Lilly is so cute and very smart, I think I was in Grade 3 before I could spell my full name..LOL......I hope you are keeping these little notes in a special box as they are such a wonderful memory....:-) hugs

Silver said...

You both look so sweet together! And her handwriting is so pretty creative. A lot like mine actually when i am trying to appear creative..haha ;)

thks for your thought for me, Brenda. I hope to find that soon too. :)