Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Postscript to Walt's House

I got a bit nervous and guilty because I did not ask Cecily's permission before posting Walt's House so I quickly emailed her asking if she would like me to remove it or change it.

Whew! She blessed me again!

"Love it! Please leave it up just as it is! It's this COMING Wednesday that we hope to have our first resident, Wilbur [I--Brenda--changed his name for blogging purposes]. After we got the water turned on inside the house this Friday, several of us went out to work and [Wilbur] trimmed bushes all afternoon and the next thing we knew, without any coaching, he was in scrubbing the tub!

Because Northwest State Community College opens this coming Wednesday for the fall semester, and because [Wilbur] will be a full time student, we wanted it to be ready for him. But the clock is ticking! So overnight it came to me that area church groups could "adopt" a room. Sure enough in one hour, yes one, I had 4 groups representing three churches, the Catholic Church, your Dad's church, and St. John's Christian church all committed to a room. Between now and Tuesday they'll wash down the walls, paint, put up curtains, shelves whatever make the room they "adopted" masculine and inviting. They jumped without hesitation. It was a thrill! . . . We even got phone service that will be hooked up Monday and it is listed under "Walt's House."

We'll stay in touch. I'm almost exhausted from excitement!



Anonymous said...

Sweet Brenda....You sound like me...worrying...and then the 'whew' when the relief comes. I understand your concern, though. I hadn't even thought about it...but I'm glad that everthing is A.O.K. ! Walt would have had the biggest smile of all to know what a blessing these men will receive from this house. God bless all who minister to these men...God bless these men...and you and your wonderful family.

Bernie said...

I believe God is working through Cecily to help these people and I wasn't at all surprised that she consented....good creates more good Brenda and you, your family, Walt's House and Cecily are good people.....Blessings on Walt's House...."-) Hugs

Mummy McTavish said...

With the churches joining forces behind this project it is headed for success!

Diana said...

I am just so impressed with this Brenda and I think that if all goes well ( The way it's falling into place it should!) maybe the idea could catch on in other areas as well!
So many abandoned houses and buildings think of the possibilities!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

At church tonight, I asked about a prison ministry....whether our church was thinking of sponsoring one. We are praying about it....and if so, I want to be a part of it....