Friday, August 21, 2009

It looks better than it should . . .

Although I may look like a good grandma, the truth of the matter is that I am a procrastinator or perhaps I just do best with deadlines. Last fall my broken leg slowed me down. I did not get my Grandma Days for September, October, November and December organized. Finally, I decided to put them off until nicer weather—spring or summer so we could do some outside activities. Near the middle of August, I realized that if I did not get organized, I would renege on four or five Grandma Days. Now that the children are older, it is tough for them to find time for a Grandma Day once school starts. I LOVE these times together—more than the children love them. The pleasure is all mine.

I want to be clear also that without the support of Grandpa—both financially and by cheering me on, these days would not be possible. Also, most of these grandchildren are really step grandchildren—though to my amusement—I have had comments about how this or that grandchild looks like me. So if hubby had not married me, I would be lonely indeed and miss soooo much!

Perhaps you can understand that I do not want Grandma Days to fade away into oblivion so these past few weeks have been a flurry of wonderful adventures. This does not happen all of the time—they are mostly one time per year per child occurrences. I am concerned that I have been receiving undue credit and thought I had better clear up some misconceptions. Now you know the truth.


Brenda said...

Wanted to come by and thank you for stopping by for a visit.
I'm not a Grandma yet (I have 21-and 8-yr old daughters). But I do look forward to it.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as undue Grandma praise!! Enjoy any and every moment you have to spend with the grands. They will remember the me.
Love to granddad too!! (I hope he reads this!!! :) )
My granddaughter (Lauren) is a stepgranddaughter.... I never think of her as that...She has my heart...I have, she is and always will be. She is a sweetheart in every way imaginable...and when I tell her how beautiful she is, she will say, "Thank you. Jesus made me." What a love she is. Her brother is our grandson...but like I said, they are both our grandchildren.
You deserve all the praises given to you, Brenda...and to Grandad, too....It isn't the quantity of time spent's the quality...and I'm sure they enjoy that time as much as you. Continue to enjoy!!!
Much love,

Bernie said...

Brenda, no misconception here at all. You are a wonderful grandmother married to a wonderful grandfather, love you......Hugs

Wanda said...

Brenda...You deserved all the praise given...I gathered they were very special Gramma Days and not regular occurrences...but they were so varied in the activity you did with each child...that to me was so enduring...same here with this grampa...I might be the one out exploring the woods and creek and cooking with them, but he makes it all possible...Sometimes on my posts I feel odd saying my instead of our and me instead of us...but I just say to myself, it is a personal blog about me and my moments. So I know there is a behind the scene grampa by your side enjoying them too!

Diana said...

Well Brenda you can be modest if you like but I still think your a super grandmom! Even with the help of grandpop! Love Di

Mummy McTavish said...

I still think you're Supergran! To think up such wonderful personalised adventures for the grandkids is super no matter how often you do it!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I like the truth. It is better than fiction ANY day. I am inspired and educated by your Grandma adventures. Keep it up! I'm taking notes :)