Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am sure that even Dorothy Hamill had to start somewhere like this. . .

We were privileged to attend Morgan’s ice skating program this weekend. It is a recital of sorts with students showcasing what they have learned in their lessons. All four of the grandparents were able to attend and were entertained and inspired. Although there were a few spectacular moments, it was mostly less than stellar. It was nonetheless impressive! I believe all of the young skaters could skate backwards and do little jumps. Many could do bigger jumps and twirls and spins—some were smooth and beautiful.

Morgan performed well in her first show. She had a beautiful smile and looked like she was enjoying herself. I was impressed by the choreography and the efforts involved in teaching maybe one hundred little novice skaters where and how to move. Even without the skates, it would have been quite a feat!

Grandma P raised a little girl and knows about these things. I had better take some notes for future events.

What a great generational picture!

Grandpas were proud of their little girl as well.

That the Christmas on Ice program was inspiring to more than just me, was evidenced when my hubby remarked on the way home, “I used to be a pretty good skater. I think that it might be fun to try it again.”

To which I, the previous go-for-it partner now with a yet-to-be-completely-healed broken leg, less than supportively replied, “You aren’t serious, are you?”

Secretly, though, I understood where he was coming from because during the performance, I found myself wondering if there were any skate classes for grandmas. Imagining that for a moment or two made me lose my concentration on the program and made me chuckle. For one thing, the costumes would definitely need to be modified as well as the choreography and the music. Perhaps some of us grandmas would never get to the point where we actually could wear skates. I remember seeing these walker like contraptions on the ice one time for newbie skaters. And then imagine the grandmas trying to take a bow. Oh dear. But I digress. . .

Thanks, Morgan, for a perfectly delightful evening!


Donna's Book Nook said...

I think both Bob and you could skate. After all, Clarice, the 80 y/o actress, SORT OF learned to dance on dancing with the stars. Seriously, I think both of you would be better at your attempts than she was. Donna

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