Thursday, December 11, 2008

The reason for that happy ringing in my ears

What is not to love about a 5th grade band performance? I never played a band instrument and so know little about the intricacies of the various horns. However, one of my sons had a short career as a trumpet and tuba player in 6th grade so I have had a bit of introduction to band concerts. The sounds are amazing and often original and a bit freestyle. The kids are proud and look sort of virtuous (not quite angelic--as evidenced by the fingers being held up behind David during this photo) dressed in their white shirts and black pants or skirts. There is something reassuring about a uniform that has not changed in 50 years since I attended my sister’s concerts when she played a saxophone.

It is not easy to get sound out of a trumpet. I appreciate the complexity. I have read about lip buzzing how you have to first of all flap your lips, then begin to buzz your lips, do slides, and slur some simple tunes. All of this helps with lip vibration and this is just for warm ups. I remember that this was challenging for Andy when he had braces which is why he was switched to the tuba or at least that is what I was told.

This I do know. It is a good idea to sit close enough to be able to see your child/grandchild and have them see you. It is also wise not to sit too close. It has nothing to do with the interesting sounds. It has to do with emptying spit. I remember admonishing my sixth grader—“Don’t do that!” —just one of my prolific times of giving advice before I understood the details. Really though, it still seems disgusting if you think about it very long. I am surprised that some entrepreneur has not invented a better plan. Ewwww! Hubby and I had a perfect view but not of all of the particulars.

Grandpa and I went half way up the bleachers—not a pretty sight but we made it. I think I heard others around us sigh in relief as we settled in. I am well aware of bleacher peril. A little girl sitting beside me, half way through the concert, stood up and one whole leg disappeared down the bleachers but astute and attentive parents quickly reached and pulled her back up as if nothing had occurred. I had the feeling that it was just a routine move.

I forgot my camera but had my phone with me. Thus we have a few scratchy photos that do not do justice to the quality of the evening.

It was a great concert. I recognized all of the songs. It was brief and to the point. There was not any fundraising. David did well and looked very handsome. We were proud.

It was snowing up quite a storm and we did not fall as we carefully made our way to our car. Life is good, very good.


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