Monday, June 2, 2008

Reminders to myself

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Dad was moved to a rehab center on Wednesday about two blocks from his house. It was a blessing to get into that center. We were told by several people, “It is very hard to get a bed there.” The caretakers are kind and attentive. The nurses are patient and good. They let us call and talk to them.

Dad has an infection in his lung—similar to pneumonia and fluid around his lungs. He sleeps much of the time. The nurse told me that getting better is a tenuous balance. He needs rest but he also needs to be upright some for his body to heal. That is why they do physical rehab and have him sit in a chair but encourage him to rest as much as possible also. It will be a long recovery for Dad. A young healthy body recovers slowly from pneumonia. It is even slower for an older person. Dad also has some additional health concerns.

Adjusting to a rehab center is difficult. I am sure that is common. Ten days ago, Dad would get up and shower, dress himself, take out the garbage, get the mail, take his own medicine (and he was doing it correctly.) Now, he must use his call button every time he wants to go to the bathroom. As I left him on Saturday, I told him to try to obey the caretakers. I cried as I left to begin my four hour trip back to my home. He has begged to go home—and that absolutely breaks my heart!

I need to guard my mind and not jump to conclusions. At one time, I am thinking that Dad will not recover and that we should let him die at home. But then there are other times like tonight. Dad had a very good evening. He was not confused. My stepmom pushed him around in a wheelchair because he wanted to visit with some other residents. He seemed peaceful and relaxed. The nurse told me that I will be surprised at how he will progress. She was very encouraging.

This I know. God has promised, “I will be with you.” He knows our days. Wherever we are in life, we need to trust and remind ourselves that God is in control. I will try to stop anticipating. For tonight, Dad is resting and I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates..
We are praying!!
We have to trust its all in God hands

Love ya tons,

Lynn said...

My Dear Brenda,
Praying for your dad...Thanks for have prayed and trusted God for your dad's care and I'm sure it's time to Trust. Our sermon sunday was on worry, I was so convicted!
Love you!