Sunday, June 8, 2008

Requesting help is not on "My Favorite Thing To Do" list

My dad has been on my mind these last few weeks. It is painful to watch someone you love go through tough times. Dad is in a rehab/nursing home hoping to gain enough strength to return to his own home. That, however, is a long, discouraging process.

In addition to that, he has a big disappointment this week. He will not be able to attend the wedding of his grandson, Dan, on Saturday, June 14th.

Dad will turn 90 years old on July 5th. It would brighten his days to receive mail. Therefore, I am requesting friends, family, blog readers, anyone whether you know him or not, to send Dad a birthday card. It would be great if he could get as many as 90 cards. The cards could start arriving now—any day—because it would be more fun to get a few per day instead of all of the cards on one day. If you have a favorite Bible verse or want to write a sentence of encouragement that would be bonus but anything at all would be fine--funny or serious. Dad has a great sense of humor and a very tender, sweet spirit.

This is bold and humbling to make this request! I am the worst card sender on the planet. Even so, here is Dad's name and address and I am hoping that some of you will send greetings and bring joy to my dad.

Walter Gisel
Fairlawn Haven, Room 174
407 E. Lutz Rd
Archbold, Oh 43502

A very heartfelt thank you to you!!

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