Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Matters

Yay—We have a new beautiful and talented bride in our family! What a privilege to watch the inspiring and moving, sacred vows. We are pleased and happy to welcome Bethany!

Blessings on you Bethany for taking Dan’s name! We think he is pretty special as well. You provide hope that our family name may continue. This is something that none of Lowell’s sisters could do for our family. Thanks, Lowell & Sheila, and Dan & Bethany and we are counting on you, too, Steve!

Bethany your new last name will be repeatedly misspelled and mispronounced but it is a very worthy, good name. We are proud to have you wear it!

Bethany and Dan’s wedding dance was outstanding with spins and dips and twirls! The best wedding dance this elderly blogger has ever seen in my scores of years of attending weddings! I am at a loss to describe it but it was totally surprising and fun! So inspiring that even Lou and Rog got out on the dance floor!

All wedding moms know the difficulty of finding the right dress! Sheila and her family went through that grueling process as well. But it was totally worth it! Doesn’t she look beautiful!

It was great to have Steve home—all the way from Ecuador. He returns tomorrow to complete his Peace Corps term. Sister, Katie, was radiant and loved participating as a bridesmaid and joyfully endured a bit of Steve’s teasing.

And now for the wedding cake—oh dear, I didn’t get that picture! This will do though. Two foods were served at the rehearsal dinner that accompany most of our family celebrations. We credit our appreciation and weakness for ice cream to Grandpa. Dan had a farmer friend make the creamiest ice cream ever in two flavors—strawberry and chocolate peanut butter! But even greater or at least equal to that addiction is another Grandpa and family favorite that is seldom enjoyed at a wedding celebration. We knew this was a real party!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thankful to be bearing the GISEL [Guy-zuhl] name. Much love to you all!