Monday, May 26, 2008

A Boy, Bees, Birds, and Blossoms in the Beeyard

Grandpa had great fun checking on the queens with grandson Grif’s assistance. Grif can distinguish queens, worker bees carrying pollen, queen cells, drone cells, drawn comb, uncapped honey, capped honey, brood and more. Grif observed that “Bees are great landscapers!” and “Bees poop.” and “Bees are kind of cute.”

Grif is adept at starting the smoker and using it.

He is helpful at running for excluders or other equipment needed from the van and putting the hives back together.
"So we are looking for the one with the big butt, right?"
"Now I know how the astronauts feel when they get an itch on their nose."

Meanwhile Grandma pretended to be R. W. Peterson.

And because of my roots, here is a beautiful buckeye blossom.

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