Monday, May 5, 2008

Happiness is twirling squirrels, a new bird, and an office at home

After three full days of sharing an office, I am happy to tell you that we are still friends. It really has been fun—like being on vacation. Just in case Bob’s boss, Doug, reads this, though I want to assure you that he worked very hard.

We ate breakfast together—which we never did before because Bob usually left for the office before I got home from walking. We also ate lunch together—I could count on one hand how many times that had happened before! We have been merging into marriage for a long time. This is our first test. Bob travels at least three days per week—often more. Both of us were quite independent before marriage so that has worked well. I get to have Bob most weekends—when I really want him here. I am really happy to have him come home. But I also am not sad to have him leave for a few days so I can stretch my wings again. (I love how angelic that makes me sound.) Even when Bob was home before, he went to an office from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. every day. Now, however, his office is in our study. No, he is not retired. I really don’t think that is ever going to happen. It is just that corporate decided to close the local office. Since he travels often and we live near an airport where we can get better fares, we have not yet been asked to move. So, he is here—really here—24/7. And I like it—although we haven’t tested it for an entire week yet.

We have both chuckled over our squirrels. We have a squirrel feeder that is battery operated to keep the squirrels from devouring our birdseed within hours. One day, while Bob was home, we both watched a determined squirrel get flung off three times. We had both seen that before—individually—but never when we were together. If you don’t understand this, I will send you a Youtube link--and this one is sure to make you laugh! Really animal lovers, the squirrels do not get hurt.

We also have had time to enjoy a new bird at our feeder—a grosbeak. It has been such fun to watch. Usually, our cardinals just flit in and are gone again quickly. However, our cardinals were quite protective of their source of food. When the grosbeak would come, the cardinal would peck him off. The grosbeak would sit on the fence or another high point and wait. But the cardinal would not leave. It would stay on the feeder for several minutes—not wanting to give the grosbeak an opportunity. It was quite fun to watch. It was tough though to get a good picture. This will have to do.

The grosbeak in turn would not let smaller birds on the feeder while he was dining. I was wondering if Bob and I are going to have to work on pecking order but we've had no issues in the first three days. Whew!

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