Monday, April 2, 2012

We Both Won!

Beautiful Morgan celebrated 14 years in February.

She has a full and busy life. Recently she had a part in her 8th grade musical, Oklahoma.

Our Grandma Date waited until Spring Break. We started it on Thursday by making dinner for Grandpa and a co-worker that was traveling through on business—on his motorcycle.

Grandpa suggested short motorcycle ride in our neighborhood might be a fun (and learning) adventure and Gary acquiesced.

After dinner, and a couple of TV shows (American Idol and Touch), Morgan beat me in a friendly but competitive game of Scrabble. A “Q” was the last tile left for me to draw and then Morgan played her last piece. I want a rematch soon, girl.

On Friday, we went on a Chocolate Segway tour.

It was perfect for Morgan because it included adventure and her favorite food group. For me, sharing the time together made it absolutely fabulous.

Later we dined with Grandpa and then saw Mirror, Mirror at a local movie theater. The movie did not do much for either of us but afterward we played games again and Morgan again won every game we played—Word on the Street, and Rumikub.

On Saturday, we planned to visit bee hives with Grandpa but Morgan and I did not get an early start. Instead we did a little shopping and ate lunch at one of her favorite places.

Being with Morgan makes me smile. I’m pretty sure that I was the real winner.


Diana said...

Sounds like a great time at Grams! Thanks for the heads up on "Mirror Mirror", Jake and I were going to go see it. Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

Next time, try Upwords. The Q shares a tile with the U.

Another fun grandparenting adventure. Good for you. Good for her!

Dee said...

I have my 14 year old grandson visiting...still a tiny bit of kid in him....but I feel that will change over night. Grands always make me smile...and I agree that you were the real winner with your day with Morgan but I bet you own a big chunk of her heart. :)