Sunday, April 1, 2012

Turning Over the Reins

Today, Grif turned 16 years old.

Graciously, this week, on his Spring Break, he blessed me with a Grandma Day.

It was his request to just stay local and do things right around home.

First he accompanied me to Willowbrook Wildlife Haven.

Then we did a little slot car racing at Mid America Raceway.

After lunch, we went to one of our favorite places--Cantigny.

Before we left, I took a deep breath and invited Grif, who has a driver's permit, to take the wheel. And so, Grif became the chauffeur and I became the passenger.

He drove to a forest preserve and we walked a new bike path by a little creek.

Grif then drove to our house where we quenched our thirst and watched the birds from the deck.

I had a few errands and so Grif took me to buy bird seed and mail a card and then we headed back to Geneva.

I seldom pressed my imaginary brake. I did not hug my door. My fists did not clench up. There were no moments of panic. I did not hyperventilate and my pulse remained in the sixties. The only words of instruction were directions on what streets and roads to take. He passed my inspection with flying colors.

Perhaps this was a defining moment. I may have just lost my driving privileges any time that we travel in the same car together. I would gladly give up much more than that for time with Grif. He is so worth it!

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Rebecca said...

What a joy it must be to have such a responsible & thoughtful teen grandson! I have a few years to get ready. (I can only hope I'll be so calm in the car with a teenage driver!)