Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is Good

Today is Amy's birthday.

About two weeks ago was her wedding day.

The wedding of Eric and Amy was beautiful, romantic, simple, and worshipful. It was a family affair.

Amy's sister, Dawn, was the matron of honor. Niece Tanyale was Amy's personal assistant. Eric's brother, Mark, was the best man. Sorry Eric and Mark but I could not find a photo of the two of you.

Eric's sister, Kelly sang a sweet love song in her lovely clear voice.

A little later, we were blessed as Amy's brother, Brian and
sister-in-law, Sharice, sang a beautiful and moving duet.

Amy's Uncle Lowell officiated the wedding. He reminded Amy and Eric and all of their guests of the importance of keeping Christ first in marriage.

Eric’s beautiful daughters Loren and Mackenzie brought such joy.

There were delightful, excited, and helpful.

Here is the groom’s cake that they made for their daddy.

How appropriate it was to have the girls participate in the sand ceremony.

They are an integral part of the family and had a part in the engagement. Eric took his two daughters with him. Neither Loren or Mackenzie or Eric could hold their excitement for long so almost as soon as Amy got out of the house, going towards the car, Eric knelt down and asked, “Will you marry us?”

Amy responded, “Yes!” at which point the youngest daughter danced around shouting, “She said, ‘Yes!’ She will marry us!”

Amy set the tone for the wedding. She was inclusive, bringing all of her family and friends into their circle of happiness.

Amy’s family is glad for Eric. He has won their hearts.

Eric’s family expressed over and over their love for and appreciation of Amy and their happiness for Eric.

Many friends and family witnessed the creation of this union.

Here is what God says about the things that He creates; "It is good!"


Wanda..... said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

I remember their lovely sand ceremony and the smiles on the young girl's cute faces!

Tomorrow is my oldest son Rick's birthday!

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed YOUR "take" on Amy's wedding and marriage. SO happy for her and the entire extended family.

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Brenda I had a few tears when you described how Eric asked Amy to marry "them". I hope she has a wonderful day......:-)Hugs

Diana said...

Amy has such a beautiful smile! What a great few weeks it's been for her!
Happy Birthday Amy!
Love Di ♥