Saturday, December 4, 2010

First There's the Village

Christmas is here and I am loving it! I looked out the window this morning and saw two beautfiful cardinals sitting in snow covered trees. Sister Donna and I attended a wonderful Starstruck Christmas event for women.

I have a pattern for Christmas. First comes the gingerbread houses, the day after Thanksgiving, then the tree and decorating and then the Christmas cards. I am behind on recording so will just show you our village and the founders of it one by one. The snow this morning has me singing.

What a happy day! Merry Christmas!


Diana said...

How quickly the year goes by! I remember very well your Gingerbread Houses from last year! I do believe they are even better this year. I loved the dome shaped one. Great photos of everyone and their beautiful handiwork Brenda.
Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

You really have a big collection of unique Gingerbread Houses, Brenda. I'm amazed at all the different goodies that were used!
Like Di, I remember your post of last year too!

Bernie said...

Like Di and Wanda I believe the gingerbread houses are even more lovely this year, they do look so good. Love knowing you are enjoying the holidays.....:-)Hugs

Dee said...

They are all getting to be really good at building gingerbread houses...How do you keep everything from getting sticky and icky? :)

Rebecca said...

I agree with Diana and Wanda and Bernie! They DO get better every year! Is the "Founder's Club" getting bigger every year, too?