Monday, November 29, 2010

A Grand Week

First of all, I was so thrilled and excited to see our newest baby grand! I had not seen her for almost five months. She is such a joy.

It was a full week with so many special events. A real highlight was Ryan’s soccer game but it was a rainy day and the pictures are poor.

The boys and I visited Ganyard Hill Farm. We had such a good time.

Feeding the goats . . .

Loving the bunny . . .

and of course the tractor wagon ride.

The boys were so excited to see bee hives on the wagon ride and insisted that I photograph them. Grandpa Mac was not present but not forgotten.

Jacob was not so sure about the tunnel slide for himself. But he was a good grand marshall

. . . sending Ryan and reminding me to take the photos.

Ryan milked the cow—just to see how it worked.

Both boys enjoyed feeding the cows.

It is much longer than it seems that I had two sons that loved the farm. This photo of Brad and Andy was taken in the fall of 1982, I think.

How their daddy, Grandpa Dale would have loved to see his two grandsons playing in the corn.

Ryan and Jacob liked sitting so high up on the tractor.

Just like their Uncle Brad and Daddy, more than 25 years ago.

Those are happy memories for me.

We said good bye to the farm and headed home.

Another day, Andy and Amy rested from their daily work and enjoyed a family day.

We went hiking in a nearby forest preserve.

We found beautiful leaves and watched a daddy long legs spider.

We picnicked.

Jacob may have been the first to discover these small but grand rapids.

The kids played.

Daddy rescued a toy excavator.

Then we discovered a log cabin.

I held my breath as everyone safely crossed over our grand canyon.

The next day, our big boy went back to kindergarten.

Jacob and Allie and I played at a park

on the swings

Allie showed me her tricks.

I was impressed.

After school, we raked a few leaves.

And Ryan and Jacob hit some grand slams.

We made time for one last treat.

I have a grand total of 213 pictures taken during this time. I want to remember it all.

Here is my last grand finale of a photo.

Grandkids—such an appropriate word.


Rebecca said...

Wow! You're a picture-takin' Grandma! I enjoyed the comparisons of your boys & grandsons loving the farm... We've had a couple of grandchildren with us the past few days. It's been GRAND, too - however, it seems AGES ago to me since our children were this young. Don't know WHY I don't remember more...

Wanda..... said...

Grand Post, Brenda...a week of great memories for them to look back on someday. The grandsons do look like their dad and uncle. Now Amy...reminded me of my own daughter at that age...especially the one of her crawling...the long hair on her forehead(same growth pattern) almost exact photos! I understand your taking 213 photos of your sweet time with them!

Lovely family!

Donna's Book Nook said...

So that's where you've been! Great pics and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime--yours and theirs! See ya Thursday!

Dee said...

The comparison is fun to see...kind of sad and happy at the same time...where has the time gone from the time our children were little to them having children of their own? Each of your grands are adorable and I love the happy grandma look on your face in each picture.I get that same look when I am with my grands.:)

Diana said...

That Allie is adorable as they all are Brenda. I loved the comparison photos, really amazing. When my family sees old photos of my Frank, they can't believe how much Jack looks like him. It's so fun to compare! It looked like you have some pretty good memories of that day on your camera! Love Di ♥