Friday, April 17, 2009

My firstborn’s firstborn turns four!

We fell in love with him from the beginning.

Ryan Dale surprised us all by arriving a bit early in Richmond, Virginia. His parents lived in Vancouver, BC at the time and had just gone to Washington DC for a wedding. After spending a day with friends in Richmond, mom and dad were expecting to travel back home. Instead, Ryan came. Here he is swimming in a little preemie outfit.

We were concerned how to get this fragile little guy back home but God provided a special leer jet. It was an amazing story.

Ryan, sometimes Ry, sometimes Ryno—reminiscent of the 1983-1991 Cubs second baseman, got his middle name from Grandpa Dale, who died when Ryan’s daddy (Andrew Dale) was just twelve years old.

Ryan is a very special little guy and brings us much joy!

Happy Birthday, buddy!


Rebecca said...

I liked hearing about Ryan's middle name! Our firstborn grandson has Grandparent's Day in his Eureka IL school next Wed. So we're working our vacation to spend the morning there. We were able to go to his first GP Day last year (kindergarten)
I question how long we will be able to keep up once the others begin school, but for right now, this is fun.

Gina said...

Enjoyed the story and the pictures. You are blessed!