Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday!

I woke up with a joyful heart today. Easter music fills me with such gladness. I loved singing Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Crown Him with Many Crowns, In Christ Alone and more wonderful hymns and praise songs! I loved the choir and the orchestra music. I am so grateful for what Jesus did for me, for us! Death has been conquered!

I love the traditional Easter greeting. Lynn G. spoke as I entered the sanctuary, “He is Risen!” Gladly I responded, “He is risen indeed!”

It was wonderful to walk into the church and see so many coming to worship. I loved the beautiful flowers, the cloth on the cross and behind and above it. The sanctuary had been transformed from the dark of the Good Friday services! The contrast was stunning.

I loved sitting between Kent and Jessica and hearing their sweet, clear voices. I looked down our row and saw the others and heard Patti’s lovely singing. Once again, I thanked God for setting me in a family! (Psalm 68:6)

Our text today is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, John 20.

  • I like that Mary Magdalene was the first to go to the tomb.
  • I like that John tells how he won the footrace but Peter entered the tomb first.
  • It takes my breath away when I think of Jesus softly saying, “Mary.” I can imagine if it were me and Jesus said, “Brenda.” That sends shivers up my arms to my head. Yet, I am amazed that He has called my name!
  • I love the testimony of Mary Magdalene, “I have seen the Lord!” I am challenged and awed and my heart resonates, “Yes, I have seen the Lord!”
  • I am so glad that Jesus knew some of us would have a hard time believing.
  • I love verse 31, "These are written that you might believe . . .

I loved that Susan and Morgan used the resurrection eggs before dinner to go over the Easter story. I loved talking with four year old Seamus about the Easter story. I loved hearing his sweet prayer before dinner.

Dinner was delicious. Fellowship was sweet. Games were fun. There was sunshine and flowers and warm temperatures.

In John 20, I am thankful that Jesus said, “Peace be with you.”

And also with you!

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