Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ready to launch. . .

I couldn't help it! I am very excited about hosting the Boy Cousin Starwar Marathon Sleepover tomorrow night!

This morning I thought I should make sure that we have Yoda Soda on hand. I stole this and other ideas from Nicole the mother of all party planners here and here. Yoda Soda doesn't stain, doesn't have caffeine and all five like it.

That was so much fun, that I couldn't help preparing a few packages of Wookiee Cookies.

And then Sith Sticks just sounded like a fun thing to have on hand.

That's when I began to wonder if this could get out of hand.

Still. . . Ewok Eggs looked so delicious and it is way too early for Easter. And then I spied some Yoda Yogos--oh, this could go on and on.

I decided that I had to quit and then I realized that Padme Pops were an absolute must. Impossible, absolutely impossible to watch a movie without some popcorn!

I am going to quit now--even though it would be good to have some Vader Veggies and surely there are some other galaxy fruits as well. Oh, no, milkduds! I just remembered milkduds!

I almost forgot another staple, Pizza the Hutt.

And yes, I do have the movies on hand—unless we decide to watch the newer ones. . . I am hoping for an out of this world galaxy experience with Grandpa, 5 boys, 7 movies, food, and a little sleep. What fun!


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Donna's Book Nook said...

Wow! you really do believe in going overboard!! Did "grandpa" think it was a little too much?

Anyway, as I just told Nicole, it's good to enjoy those kids now--they grow up WAY too fast! Hope you're having a great sleep over. Donna