Sunday, January 11, 2009

More on trace it back . . .

In our Adult Community at church today we talked about the correlation of forgiveness and a right perspective on the providential care of our Lord. We particularly looked at the life of Joseph.

If we look back on our lives—in a sense trace it back, we can sometimes see God’s design in using even the ugly things in our lives to work his design into our lives. I appreciate these quotes from Ray Pritchard that relate to this topic.

On this side we do not see it. On this side we do not understand . . . If the story of Joseph teaches us anything it is that there are no unconnected events in life.

The world says, "Seeing is believing." If I see it, I will believe it. But that principle is reversed in the spiritual realm. God says, "Believing is seeing." We will see God's hand once we believe it is truly there.

Now, I can't always see it, even from a distance tracing my life back. I think that I still would have chosen it differently, some of the hurts . . . some of the really tough times. Still I was challenged about "no unconnected events." God used/is using them all.

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