Monday, November 24, 2008

So, what was your high, Grandpa?

After “flush and brush”, part of the “tuck” routine with Lilly and Jackson includes talking about the favorite part of their day. I thought that Lilly’s response was somewhat of a diversionary delay tactic as she rolled around and giggled, “I can’t decide.” But then again, maybe not--sometimes, it is just all good.

Certainly one highlight for me was when Jackson decided to teach Grandpa how to play Wii golf. Now, Grandpa has never played any video game—ever. (Not that I am much more experienced with my two tries.) He has never operated a joy stick--never tried a Gameboy. However, he is experienced with the TV remote. Grandpa did grow up golfing and so was way ahead of me in the knowledge of the game. It was so sweet to see Jackson patiently, very patiently, explain how the Wii game operated. Eventually, finally, it was fun to hear them discussing what kind of club to use and other golf strategies. Then what a treat to hear them encourage each other—“Great job, Grandpa!” “Nice drive, Jackson!”

Following golf, we all bowled. Jackson, of course, wiped us out but Grandpa and I tied with a higher score than I have ever bowled before. I knew the Wii made a hit when Grandpa said, “Where do you buy this game?—at Best Buy?” He seemed to take it all in when the response was, “Yes, and everywhere—Wal-Mart, Target.”

And then Grandpa asked, “Do all of the Wiis have those games?”

So now I am considering asking Santa for a Wii—for Grandpa, of course.

And there was more—at least for me. I got to practice a tiny bit of Guitar Hero. Maybe with more practice, I could play without getting booed. Lois told me this morning that lots of old people buy Wii games for themselves. It could open up a whole new world! I bet it wards off Alzheimer and other age related dementias, too.

Dad and Jackson showed me how it is really done!

Brad and Nicole honor us by allowing us to look good in their children’s eyes. As we headed out to Red Robin on Friday evening with Jackson and Lilly, Brad handed Bob a baggie of quarters and whispered, “We never let the children play video games at Red Robin—it will be a special treat for them.” Not only was it a treat for the children, it was a treat for us to see them cooperate so sweetly. Grandpa asked Jackson to help Lilly race a car. He quickly responded, “Sure.” Then Jackson showed Lilly where to insert the quarters, helped her select her driver and car and told her to push “Start.” Observing that Lilly couldn’t reach the gas pedal because her legs were too short, he dove under the video game, and on his tummy, called up, “I will push the gas pedal for you.” which he did for the entire race. Lilly quickly gave an unprompted, “Thanks, Jackson!”

The children are generous with hugs, kisses, cuddles, and our hearts are captivated by their irresistible, natural, impetuous affection.

It was fun to decorate a few gingerbread houses. I had taken four little houses. From other experiences, I have noted that when adults also decorate a house the project lasts much longer than if it is a children-only project. However, I made the frosting a bit too stiff, so Nicole and I were needed as squeezers. This is some pretty intense decorating that required lots of concentration.

With two extra houses, we were able to invite a couple of neighbors to join the decorating party and Brad soon was involved as well. It was such fun to see their creativity and sweeter still to hear the compliments given freely by the children back and forth across the table.

Nicole made us such yummy food—meatballs, Thai pizza, nacho dip, and even though their football team was sorely defeated, the party was wonderful.

The kids were so darling riding in the car with us after church as they serenaded us with songs from school. How can anyone not love this sweet little voice!

So on the plane coming home as we settled in and looked at each other, Grandpa and I both just had to say, “I can't decide. It was all good—every bit!”

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Donna said...

What a blessing, to have well-adjusted kids who love the Lord, and sweet wonderful grandkids to enjoy. You are blessed! Donna