Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bone Cold

It was one of those days! With temperatures in the low forties and constant sideways rain turning to snow, we tried to be tough. After all, it was the only day in the near future when all of us could assemble to do some barn cleaning. We had the remarkable Dean (who helped us in May) and his mighty bobcat available. The only obstacle was unfavorable weather and we thought we could prevail. Effort was not the issue. We donned hats and gloves and boots and went to work.

Just to show that I am not exaggerating, notice all of the wet clothing. It shows up particularly well on Donna and Rog’s clothes. The rest of us were as wet but the rain had soaked to our skin.

Donna and Lynn provided a warming house with a heavy duty heater. Lou and Donna provided yummy soup and sandwiches and hot cider and coffee. That energizing fuel usually does the trick. But, our kneecaps were numb, our toes were numb, our fingers were numb and we had to keep blinking to keep our eyeballs from freezing in place. My usually uncomplaining hubby whispered, “This is insanity!” We surrendered and called it quits.

We were an unsightly crew as we tramped into McDonalds for nine hot chocolates and a brief where-to go-from-here meeting.

As we plow ahead, Dad’s training is still guiding us and bringing us together. His name comes up in every conversation. We love to talk of Dad’s grit and wisdom and some quirkiness, too. We thank God for his influence!

God-loyal people, (like my Dad) living honest lives, make it much easier for their children.
Proverbs 20:6 [The Message]


Donna said...

Your summary of the day is so good, I'll probably just put a link to it on mine. I haven't checked my pictures, but I don't think they were very good. At least we can say, we survived. Donna

Lynn said...

Won't these hard and good times make the best memories! It gives you reason to all be together.
What a neat family you have!