Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rollin' in the Rain

As we said our good-by’s today, Judy casually said, “You just have to roll with it.”

Although she could have been referring to riding a segway, she was really referring to things not always going the way that we had hoped. We had hoped for a sunny beautiful day today but it rained instead.

At Oak Park Segway, we saw a very scary introductory movie with a stick figure showing all of the things that could cause a fall on a segway. By the time it finished, we were not very confident signing the release form. After all, none of us are less than 62 years!

But the wonderful couple, Cecelia and Luke Thorton, were patient and encouraging and gave us lots of time to practice.

We immediately liked Cecilia and Luke—owners/tour guides/teachers. They spoke kindly and with terms of endearment and respect to each other. It was no surprise upon further conversation to learn that they are believers.

When the rain started falling harder, they offered us red ponchos and then offered us a rain check to come back again on another day—even offering us an upgrade if we could come back during the week instead of on a weekend.

It wasn't long until all of us were feeling quite comfortable.
This is Tim—flying like Superman!

Our friends have a sense of adventure.

This is our proud “Look Mom [or kids] no hands!” photo.

What a blessing to have friends that are willing to “Roll with it!”


Diana said...

Oh my gosh this looks so fun! It also reminded me of "Paul Blart Mall Cop", LOL!!! Love it Brenda, Keep on Rockin' and Rollin"!!!
Love Di ♥

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Now that looks like fun!